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The Studio World 54 mm, Saint-Petersburg , Russia is glad to greet you at our site.

The source of our studio was firm Iantar, established in 1985 by Andrey Soloviev, is famous all over the world for many years.

In 1998 the firm was renamed as World 54 mm, and also a new artistic leader, Luster Marina, was appeared there.

The studio produces military and historical figures of high quality, admitted all over the world. A great number of rewards such as medals and diplomas from the world exhibitions is the best confirmation of the works quality. Every new work is accompanied by a great labor of studios collaborators.

The topics, which are used for creating figures are rather different, they include Middle Ages, Crusades, Greece, Rome, Persian Wars, Napoleonics, the Civil War of  USA and Asia, other historical events.

Diversity and exclusive approach to our figures give an opportunity to know history, wearing in real costumes more descriptively and to understand the life and way of life of different peoples.

         We invite You to visit our site and hope that the works which are represented by us will attract You.

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